Meet the Owners of Kagi

Originating in 2006 with the vision of developing a charm necklace concept that women could wear in personal ways to express unique moments and style, Kagi has become a well-known name in the jewellery scene.

Behind the brand today are mother-and-son duo Donna and Nick, who work out of a design studio by the beach in Auckland.

Nick’s passion for jewellery stems from a young age, when instead of playing computer games after school, he would thread beads into patterns and create jewellery. This passion possibly stems from a family history for making memories that are worn over time, as Nick’s grandfather was a maker of timepieces in Auckland in the 1930s. Nick recalls browsing the Kagi website when he was in school, as he was particularly captivated by the mix-and-match concept and was in awe of the designs, clever combinations and colour trends released by the former owner and founder, Kat Gee. 

Donna’s mother was a dancer. As a child, Donna was drawn to the pearls on Mum’s dressing table. As a young adult, this fascination led her to visit India - in particular Jaipur, known for its semi-precious stones, and Goa, where she came away with a brightly coloured silk purse of crystals in their natural form which she cherishes to this day. 

It’s Nick’s passion combined with Donna’s fascination with natural stones that led to their purchase of Kagi shortly after Kagi’s 10th Anniversary. Today, they are thrilled to offer collections of collectable fashion-forward pieces each season. 

We hope you love our Kagi as much as we enjoy creating it for you.

Creatively yours,

Nick + Donna

The Kagi Team