Our Story

About Us

Kagi is regarded as Australasia's top versatile jewellery brand, offering unique and interchangeable pendants, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Founded in 2006, Kagi has become a well known & influential name in the jewellery scene.

Premium Quality

We have made sure every Kagi piece has been expertly designed and is made to withstand every-day use. We test each piece from concept until final product & we are proud to have some of the most coveted designer ranges in the industry. All we ask is that you put your jewellery on after applying your lotions & perfume. This way you will enjoy your precious pieces for years to come.


Here at Kagi, we do our best to protect the environment.  This means that 100% of what we do is sustainable. All packaging materials consumed by our business are re-used or recycled. We even send out your order in a compostable courier packet - just put it into your organic recycling or compost and it will decompose within 4-6 weeks!